Rate Relief For City centre businesses

Members of The Highland Council’s city committee are pleased to note that the Assessor has decided to award rates relief against the current financial year 2008/09 for approx 80 city centre businesses.

City members had raised the issue last year and working with the Council and its community planning partners in the Business Improvement District and the Chamber of Commerce helped businesses in accessing the opportunity of seeking relief.

The Assessor has decided to reduce the values of retail properties in the Church Street, Union Street, Queensgate area and in Baron Taylor Street, Lombard Street, and Drummond Street.  Ratepayers have been advised of his intention and of the scope for appeal should they disagree with the proposal.

The Council has always recognised the challenges associated with carrying out significant works within a busy city centre and has strived to minimise disruption.

The programme is on track for being completed by the end of May, in time for what is hoped to be a very successful summer season.

Chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee Provost Jimmy Gray said: “This is really good news for City Centre businesses which will provide a welcome relief, in the current financial climate, to the city centre businesses who have benefited.

30 Mar 2009