A community consultation carried out in Tain recently gave locals the opportunity to comment on what improvements the community think should be made to the CCTV camera system in Tain.

The majority of those responding supported the option to upgrade the current cabling to the system with fibre optic cabling and to replace eight of the cameras with more up to date technology. 

Replacing the cabling will enhance picture quality and minimise video loss at the operations room.  It may also allow other organisations/businesses to benefit from the technology in future with the increase in capacity of the cabling. 

The suggestion to move one of the cameras to a new location did not receive much support so officials won’t be recommending its location is changed.

Councillor Alasdair Rhind, who lives in Tain, said he and his fellow Ward Councillors have been following the consultation and the work of the review group closely and also support the recommendations being made.

“These recommendations, along with the community’s preferences will now be put to the Resources Committee for the final decision on spending money on improvements,” he said.

“If the decision is approved it is hoped work will carried out in the autumn,” he added.

The Tain CCTV system was originally installed in 2003 following a successful funding bid by the Tain Initiative Group.  The system aims to help prevent and detect crime and anti-social behaviour; to create a safe environment for the public by attempting to reduce crime and the fear of crime; and to provide high quality evidence to the Police if crime occurs.

27 May 2009