The Highland Council is backing the Scottish Government’s new strategy for caring for the elderly

The new strategy will focus on supporting people to be independent for longer.  It will require a shift in the balance of care away from institutions towards more innovative models of care in the community.  Housing has a key role, as has Helpcall and telecare services.  Home care will also have a different focus;  rather than doing things for people it will enable and support people to do for themselves. 

Councillor Margaret Davidson, Chairman of the Housing and Social Work Committee, said: “I very much welcome this important debate.  The Minister has nailed her colours to the mast, making it clear that staying the same isn’t an option, given the steep rise in the elderly population.  We need a new and fresh approach if we are to get it right for our elderly.” 

Councillor Davidson added the new strategy chimes with the direction of travel in Highland and the council’s emphasis on maximising support from communities. 



29 Oct 2009