Inspection works, Longman Gypsy/Travellers’ site, Inverness

The Highland Council has today (Thursday 29th October, 2009) informed residents located on reclaimed land at The Highland Council’s Gypsy/Travellers’ site at Stadium Road, Inverness that it intends to examine the site to determine whether there are any associated risks to health or the environment. If necessary, appropriate remediation will be carried out.

The Council has a duty in terms of Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, to investigate areas which may be contaminated land. As part of this process it has prioritised sites for investigation where there may be a risk to people living and working in the area, to buildings or property, and to the wider environment.

The site is part of a former refuse tip/landfill estimated to have been operational between at least 1919 and 1965 based on historical maps and Council records. These records suggest that the area was reclaimed by landfilling with various materials including commercial, municipal and burnt wastes.  Landfill sites can contain substances which are harmful to human health, which include the landfill gases methane and carbon dioxide.

The inspection will be carried out in a number of phases. The first phase will involve collecting soil samples by means of trial pitting and drilling a number of gas monitoring boreholes around the Gypsy/Travellers site.

The borehole installation and trial pitting will commence on Monday 30th November, and should be completed in approximately 10 days. Monitoring using handheld equipment will commence during this installation phase and continue for approximately 12 months following completion of the works.

The Highland Council has appointed consultants RPS Limited to carry out the inspection.

Residents in the Longman Gypsy/Travellers site have been informed of the Council’s intention, and a local drop-in facility has been provided so that residents can raise any queries directly with Council officers.

The Council is keen that anyone with any concerns or queries regarding the inspection works at the Longman Gypsy/Travellers site  - who cannot attend the drop in sessions - contacts Contaminated Land staff in TEC Services, who will be able to take their details and arrange for responses to their questions, on tel: (01463) 702614.


29 Oct 2009