Options for two new Highland primary school projects proposed

Councillor Bill Fernie, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Education Culture and Sport Committee has confirmed that a report will be considered by the Committee on Thursday 12 November recommending options for two new school projects in the Highlands, which could attract Scottish Government funding.

He said: “In common with all local authorities, The Highland Council very recently received a request to identify primary school building projects which might attract funding from the Scottish Government under their recently announced school building programme.

“The Council had a very short period of time to respond, with a formal response being required by 23 October and it was clear that the council would not be considered for possible additional funding unless the response was made within this timescale.

“A potential offer of funding, even for one new primary school, is a significant opportunity and one which the council could not afford to miss.

“The Council’s response proposes a new school to replace Upper Achintore Primary and Fort William Primary and a further new school to replace Obsdale, Newmore and Ardross primary schools.

“Whilst we were asked to identify two possible projects, we have made clear in our submission that our preferred option is for the replacement of Upper Achintore and Fort William Primary School, where there has already been consultation via the review of education provision in Greater Fort William.

“The Council’s response makes clear that these proposals would require to be subject to a decision taken at the ECS meeting on 12 November and that the proposals could not be taken forward without extensive consultation.

“It was essential to deal with this very quickly, given the deadline set by the Scottish Government.”

30 Oct 2009