Forum focuses on city environment

The Highland Council is hosting a city forum on the work of Transport, Environmental and Community Services in Inverness Town House, on Thursday 1 October 2009, starting at 7 pm. 

The theme of the forum is “TECS in the city – your city environment – how and what we deliver”.  There will be a series of short presentations from Transport, Community and Environmental Service officials which will range from street cleaning, waste management, winter maintenance, streetscape through to trading standards and environmental health. 

The forum will give members of the public the opportunity to listen to debate and ask questions relating to these topics.  Questions may also be submitted in writing in advance of the meeting.  The forum will include local Councillors, the Council’s City Manager and Council colleagues.   

All Community Councils within the Inverness city area have been invited to attend, along with relevant businesses. 

Provost Jimmy Gray, chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee, said: “We welcome this occasion to discuss with the public the wide range of services delivered by the Council through TEC Services.  This will be the opportunity to present the big picture and to let people know how we can make a difference.” 

If you have any queries or would like to submit a question in advance then do get in touch on 01463 724222.


For further information contact Cameron Kemp Integrated Transport Manager on 01463 702612.

23 Sep 2009