South West Channel Flood Scheme Delay

The works to construct the Inverness South West Flood Relief Channel, which will divert flood water from the south side of Inverness away from residential properties in Hilton, Lochardil, and Holm by collecting overflow water from the burns on the sought side of Inverness and channelling it into the River Ness have been delayed.

It was hoped to start the works in September of this year subject to the completion of land negotiations, however there are still some outstanding issues to be resolved, and this has resulted in the works being delayed.

The works in the Holm Burn are subject to very strict environmental controls and can only be carried out at certain times of the year. Officials will be discussing the new works programme with SEPA and other interested parties, however it is likely the construction will be delayed until the summer / autumn of 2010. In the meantime preparatory works, including the diversion of services and limited site clearance, will be undertaken this year in advance of the main works.

Provost Jimmy Gray, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee said: “This is very disappointing news, as we had expected the first two phases of the works to start this year. Officials will be working very hard to resolve the outstanding issues, and get the project back on track. The environmental issues are very sensitive, and we will be aiming to start construction next year. I would like to assure the many residents who will benefit from this scheme that the funding for the project will be carried forward.”


29 Sep 2009