Council Tax rebate scam

The Highland Council’s Finance and Trading Standards teams have been alerted to the fact that Highland residents are currently being targeted by a Council Tax rebate scam.

The “phishing” scam involves attempts by callers to obtain  bank details over the phone, on the false promise of being entitled to receive a rebate on their Council Tax payments.

The Council’s Finance Service has made it clear that any communication with Council Tax payers about something like a rebate would be in writing and they would also not cold call the public in this way to ask for anyone’s bank details.

Anyone receiving such an unsolicited call is advised to end the call immediately and under no circumstances to give any personal details to the caller. If anyone has a neighbour or relative who may more susceptible to such activity, it would be helpful if this advice was passed on to them.

A spokesman said: “If an offer received by phone, e-mail or by a stranger who comes to your door, sounds too good to be true it more than likely is!  So think twice and don’t get caught out by scammers!”

The police and national authorities are already aware of this scam and it is therefore not necessary to report any occurrence.  

9 Aug 2010