Emergency Towing Vessels

The Leader of The Highland Council Michael Foxley has written to Secretary of State for Scotland the Rt Hon  Michael Moore, MP,  to thank him for the UK Government’s decision to extend, until the end of March, the service provided by emergency towing vessels, based at Stornoway and Shetland so that a long-term solution can be identified.

Councillor Foxley wrote: “I very much welcome the progress that has been made and the efforts that you are making to secure a solution. I also welcome the involvement of Oil and Gas UK which has real promise for Shetland and the northern waters of Orkney.  However, it remains essential that an Emergency Towing Vessels is permanently available for the Minches and the southern waters of Orkney including the Pentland Firth.

“As you know there have been three major incidents in the South East Minches this year alone. It is therefore critical that a viable long term solution for the Minches and the Pentland Firth is secured. I am therefore very grateful for the further extension of three months so as to explore how a positive outcome can be achieved.”

Councillor Foxley hopes to hear of progress being made at the next meeting of the ETV Working Group early in the new year.


23 Dec 2011
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