HMIE Report – Kilchuimen Academy

In an HMIe report on Kilchuimen Academy, a range of strengths were identified, with the school commended for support for learning, especially for pupils with additional support needs; the quality of teaching provided by some individual teachers; the strengthening links with the local community and the steps taken by the recently appointed senior managers to improve the school.
In a generally encouraging report,  the Inspectors recognised that the school had recently been through a period of significant change during which the full support of pupils, staff and the local community played a critical role.
The Inspectors made recommendations with regard to review of  the curriculum and timetabling strategies, important steps to raising attainment.  A review of aspects of pastoral care was advised and the need for a move towards more rigorous quality assurance also identified.
Maria Gibbons, Head Teacher, said: "I am pleased that the report reflects the growing teamwork within the school community and the strong identification of pupils with the school and improvements made over the last year.  We have already begun to address the learning and teaching issues raised in the report.  We are working hard to address recruitment and staffing issues.  The recent SQA results have also been very positive.”
Local Highland Councillor Margaret Davidson, said: “All at Kilchuimen, pupils, staff and parents are to be warmly commended  on a good report.  It has been an excellent team effort, and everyone has given their best this past year.  Kilchuimen is a school growng in quality, growing in confidence and growing in the estimation of the local community.”
Mr Phil Di-Duca, chairperson of the School Board, , said: “We are pleased with the report which reflects the hard work and commitment by staff and pupils alike over the last year. We look forward to working with the school in building on the points for action identified within the report.”
At the time of the inspection the school roll was 72.

29 Aug 2006