HMIe Report on Cradlehall Primary School, Inverness

In an HMIe report on Cradlehall Primary School, Inverness, a range of strengths were identified.

The primary school was commended for:

In their report the Inspectors judged that most aspects of the work of the school represented good practice. They recognised the good performance in English language and mathematics, the well-planned opportunities pupils had to develop their knowledge and skills and the good quality of teaching.

The school was also commended very favourably on the school’s work in building partnerships with parents and the wider community and the wide range of opportunities for pupils to participate in extra-curricular activities and to take additional responsibilities within the school.

The Inspectors made two recommendations for the school which included improving arrangements for monitoring and improving the quality of learning to ensure that all pupils make appropriate progress.  The school was also asked to improve the pace and challenge of learning and teaching to ensure that all pupils’ needs are met effectively.

Commenting on the report Lawrence Sutherland, Head Teacher, said: “I am very pleased with the report as I feel that it reflects the positive ethos of the school, the opportunities we provide for all children to achieve, the positive teamwork and partnership with the parents and community and our commitment to improving the school. We have already begun to address the issues raised in the report with the continuing support of everyone connected with the school.

 “Our thanks go to the children, parents and the wider community for their support during the inspection. My personal thanks go to a very committed team of staff who work together in partnership with parents to make the best provision for the children in Cradlehall Primary.”

Local Highland Councillor Kathleen Matheson, said: "I was not surprised to read such a positive report for Cradlehall Primary School.  It is a place where everyone, from the smallest child to the parents and the staff, is known and valued, and this is reflected in the happy atmosphere and positive ethos of the school."

Vice- chairperson of the School Board, Colin Baillie, said: “This report highlights the motivation of happy pupils, a committed staff and a hard-working Head Teacher and Management Team. I was pleased to see that partnership with parents and community and the promotion of equality and fairness were recognised as key strengths as the school has worked very hard in these areas.”

29 Aug 2006