Artists Reveal Hidden Heroes of Inverness

Guess the local celebrity is the name of the game for people visiting Inverness city centre on Saturday (2 September).

On the southern face of the Ramada Jarvis Hotel, Church Street, they will see partial images of 14 “Hidden Heroes” – 14 members of the Inverness community, who are not often recognised for their service but who deserve recognition.

And on Saturday week (9 September), during a one-day public art event called Imagining the Centre, all will be revealed when the Hidden Heroes are uncovered.

Arts group “First Impressions”, led by artists Dean Melville and Evelyn Pottie, have created 14 massive portraits - together titled Hidden Heroes - which will be installed on Saturday.  Viewers visiting the site will see severely-cropped photographs, making it difficult to identify the sitters. 

Imagining the Centre is a one-day art event involving 14 Highland artists, writers, performers, historians and musicians, which will take place on Church Street from 11 am – 11 pm


31 Aug 2006