Highland householders advised to research solar panel deals

The benefits associated with the increased use of solar panels and other renewable energy sources in homes are clearly recognised by The Highland Council.

However, Trading Standards officers at The Highland Council, after being made aware of the existence of what appears to be misleading marketing practices by some solar panel suppliers, are offering a word of caution to householders and advising them to do their homework thoroughly before signing any deal.

Householders are being urged to:-

Trading Standards Manager, Gordon Robb explained that due to recent increases in utility bills, environmental awareness and the existence of Government incentives, more people are looking towards alternative energy sources.  Solar panels that turn the sun’s energy into electricity, known as solar photovoltaic or PV panels,  is one system  growing in popularity.

He said: “The Government incentives to purchase these systems together with the prospect of saving money on your electricity bills and the option of getting paid for the electricity  generated have all resulted in an increase in demand and the number of businesses offering to supply and fit these products.

"It's encouraging to see that more people are keen to harness the power of green energy. We are aware that there are some unscrupulous traders out there and want to ensure that consumers are not getting ripped off in the process. We are urging people not to rush into any deals without first checking all the facts and making sure it is the right one for them and delivers what they expect it to."

13 Oct 2011