Good HMIe Report on Hilton Primary School, Inverness

In an HMIe report on Hilton Primary School, Inverness, a range of strengths were identified. The primary school was commended for:

• The morale of all staff and pupils, and the positive relationships between all members of the school community
• Standards of politeness and the good behaviour of the pupils
• Arrangements for the care and welfare of pupils
• The quality of teaching
• The depute headteacher’s significant contribution to the ethos of the school

The Inspectors recognised the excellent climate and relationships in the school community, the good performance in English language and mathematics and the very good quality of teaching.  Almost all aspects of the work of the school represented good or very good practice.

The Inspectors made a number of recommendations for the school which included improving the approaches to evaluating the school’s work, increasing the frequency of religious observance, the need to raise attainment in reading and mental mathematics and with regard to accommodation.

Commenting on the report Ian Kyle, Headteacher said, "I am very pleased with the report as I feel that it reflects the very positive ethos of the school, the opportunities we provide for all children to achieve, positive teamwork and partnership with the parents and community and our commitment to improving the school."

Highland Councillor for the area, Clive Goodman, said: "I am extremely encouraged by this heartening report which identifies the excellent ethos which has been evident over many years. I am delighted that this has continued since the appointment of Mr Kyle. The report acknowledges the very clear strengths of the school and positively reflects both my own impressions and those of parents I speak to."

The chairperson of the School Board, Victoria King, added: “As a parent, I am delighted with the findings of HMIe. I feel the report confirms what we, as parents, already felt about the school. The report finding that one of the key strengths of the school was the quality of teaching is a fantastic reflection on the investment in our children made by all staff at the school. We look forward to a very bright future indeed for our children.”

20 Dec 2006