St Clements HMIe Inspection

St Clements School in Dingwall makes provision for pupils with additional support needs.   In the recent HMIe inspection report, the school was praised for its sense of belonging and teamwork, the inclusive links with local schools, the partnership with parents and the opportunities it gives pupils to improve their social skills.

The report also revealed that parents were very positive about the school, feeling that staff were welcoming and showed concern for the care and well-being of their children.

The report highlighted several areas for improvement. Among the main points for action identified by HMIe were the extension of the school day, a review of the curriculum, improving learning and teaching, the arrangements for school meals and the involvement of the school community in planning and seeking improvements.

The Head Teacher, Mrs Maureen MacKenzie, said that she and her staff were fully committed to taking the inspectors’ recommendations forward and added: “We are keen to initiate the changes to improve provision.”

The accommodation and facilities were described as “unsatisfactory”. HMIe suggested that the facilities impacted on pupils’ social development and learning experiences, but acknowledged that despite the difficulties staff had worked hard to create an appropriate learning environment for pupils.

Bruce Robertson, Director of Education, Culture and Sport said: “This report presents the Education Authority and the school with a challenging agenda.   A detailed action plan has already been drawn up and the necessary support and resources have been put in place to ensure the HMIe recommendations are met. We can’t quarrel with HMIe’s conclusions about many of the accommodation issues which we will address as speedily as possible.”

20 Dec 2006