Council sets out policies on advertising signs.

From 1 October 2013, The Highland Council is to introduce a new set of policies on the use of advertising signs to manage avoiding obstruction of adopted roads, footpaths and verges.

Four new policies have received the approval of the Council’s Transport, Environmental and Community (TEC) Services Committee, which cover signs:

Chairman of the Council’s TEC Services Committee Councillor Graham Phillips welcomed the new policies, he said:

“Streets with open spaces in the Highlands vary a lot from town to town and it is very difficult to justify a one-size fits all policy. We are keenly aware that businesses are having a tough time and place a high importance on A-boards. At the same time we have to make sure that access on streets is not hindered and that there is clear passage for people of all abilities.

“We have come up with a protocol so that everyone will know what the rules are and we can avoid wholesale street clearance. Businesses can be assured that the Council is not charging for the approval of A-board licences.”

A consultation on advertising signage was undertaken by the Council in May and June this year. 197 stakeholders were issued with consultation documents including: individuals and organisations in tourism, business and commerce, economic regeneration, road safety, planning, access and disability discrimination and community councils. Highland Council members were also consulted.

Members also:

15 Aug 2013