Scottish switching scheme launched in Highland

Households across Highland have an opportunity to save hundreds of pounds on their energy bills as part of a collective buying initiative. Highland residents have until Sunday 17 March to join in to secure a better deal from energy companies by buying energy together.

Scots Together is a collective purchasing collaboration. Rather than leaving individuals to buy their power on a house by house basis, the project will negotiate with power companies on behalf of all the people who register to take part.

The more people that take part, the better the deal will become and the more potential there is for the scheme to save householders cash. People who join up at the start will still be able to benefit from the price achieved by the total number of people switching at the end. There is no obligation to switch.

It is free and it is easy. Those interested are asked to visit the website - - with a recent energy bill to register their details.

For those who would rather talk to an advisor the Freephone number is 0800 408 0155.

Councillor Dave Fallows, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Finance Housing and Resources Committee, said: “Given that over one in three Highland households are considered to be in fuel poverty and this number is increasing, largely due to rising fuel costs and falling welfare payments, this scheme could provide people with a welcome opportunity to save some cash.

“The scheme may be particularly attractive to Highland residents, as it can be very expensive to improve the energy efficiency of older, solid-stone walled properties. We would like to encourage people to pass the news of this offer on to their family and friends. The more people that sign up, the better the deal for everyone.”

Changeworks is co-ordinating the initiative in Scotland.  Changeworks’ Chief Executive, Teresa Bray said: “Changeworks is delighted to have successfully co-ordinated the application for the local authority partners. Building on the expertise and experience of Cornwall Together, we will make it easier for householders in Scotland to get a better deal. We are pleased to be at the forefront of this Scottish project."

Scots Together, part of UK Together, is currently the only Scottish pilot to be funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.UK Together was pioneered in Cornwall as Cornwall Together which successfully signed up 10,000 people to negotiate cheaper gas, electricity and oil deals with energy companies.

To register interest in the scheme and find out more go to the Scots Together website:

Changeworks is a leading environmental charity and social enterprise, which gives people and organisations practical support to live and work more sustainably.

27 Feb 2013