Chief Constable and NJPB Convener sign off with a positive message for the people of the Highlands and Islands

Issued by Northern Constabulary

Today marked the final meeting of the Northern Joint Police Board before the transition to the single Police force (Police Scotland) at the beginning of April.

Northern Constabulary Chief Constable George Graham and NJPB Convener Norman M MacLeod both spoke at their final meeting about the "legacy of success," being left by both Northern Constabulary and the NJPB.

Convener Norman M MacLeod said: "It has been a pleasure working with Mr Graham and his predecessor Mr Latimer for a number of years now and we can be proud of the tremendous amount of work we have done together during that time to improve the quality of life in the Highlands and Islands.

"The people of the Highlands and Islands are indeed fortunate to have such dedicated and professional officers who strive to ensure our communities remain among the safest in the UK."

The Convener added: "We as a Board have delivered a number of state of the art Police stations during my time here, including excellent facilities at Nairn, Lairg and Fort William to name but a few. It is that investment in the future which has ensured our officers now have fit for purpose premises in which to carry out their duties.

"We would like the new service to acknowledge the high percentage of satisfaction our communities tell us they have in terms of the service they receive and also in terms of public safety.

"We hope the new service continues to ensure that the high performances, detection rates and low crime levels are maintained.

"The people of the Highlands and Islands have been used to some of the highest detection rates and lowest crime levels in Scotland and perhaps even the UK and our communities naturally have an expectation that these high standards of service will continue."

Chief Constable George Graham said: "I would echo the words of the Convener and say that it has been a pleasure working with him and the Northern Joint Police Board and we can all be proud of the progress we have made.

"As we prepare to move towards a single force the public of the Highlands and Islands should be reassured that Northern Constabulary and the NJPB leaves the Force in a strong position with a real legacy of success.

"We have some of the highest detection rates in the UK and the lowest levels of crime. I am convinced that the dedication and professionalism of my officers will continue as we move into Police Scotland and we will continue to provide the high level of policing we have in the past.

"I would like to wish Chief Supt Julian Innes all the best in his new position as Local Policing Commander for the Highlands and Islands and I am confident that he will continue this good work to the benefit of all our communities."

28 Feb 2013