Mission Impossible - Beauly

A Countryside Ranger fun event on the theme of “Mission Impossible” will take place this weekend on Sunday 6th August at Beauly.

Highland Council’s Countryside Ranger Corinne Hambly said: “As Commander of Mission Impossible, I will be looking out for new recruits to the “Secret Service” to undergo basic training needed to foil the evil plans of “Natural Disaster” a mad scientist with hopes of world domination.

“We have some intelligence that suggests Natural Disaster has a master plan to take over the world centred around Beauly on the 6th August.  We need to recruit young people with skills in code-breaking, map reading and powers of deduction and after undergoing some training; hopefully we will be equipped to take on this Mission Impossible.”

This light hearted event which takes place from 2 - 3.30pm is aimed at family groups although everyone is welcome to attend. Booking is essential. To ensure a place contact Corinne Hamby on 01463 724312.

This event is part of a programme of events organised by Highland Council’s Countryside Rangers in the Planning and Development Service.

The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are a partnership between The Highland Council and Scottish Natural Heritage with the aim of promoting public enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside and conserving wildlife.

Notes to editor: to arrange a photo-opportunity please contact Corinne Hambly before Sunday 6th August.

For further information please contact: Corinne Hambly, Countryside Ranger- Inverness West, The Highland Council, Planning and Development Service tel: 01463 724312.

31 Jul 2006