Council clears up and calls on landowners to check wind damaged trees.

Following a night of severely windy weather (29 – 30 January 2013) The Highland Council is encouraging landowners to check trees and vegetation near to public roads which have been damaged by the gales.

Council staff have worked throughout the night to keep roads clear of fallen trees and the council is now urging all landowners to check for damage to their trees and to remove debris from roads or footways without undue delay.

Chairman of the Council’s Transport Environmental and Community Services Committee Councillor Graham Phillips commended TEC Services staff who worked throughout the night to clear fallen trees at various locations across the Highlands. He said: “While most of us were safe at home last night, Highland Council’s maintenance staff with TEC Services were out responding to calls to clear fallen trees off our roads open to have them clear and ready for us to get out and about our business today.”

Richard Guest, Highland Council’s Head of Roads and Community Works added: “Damaged trees and vegetation can cause potential hazards to road users by obstructing the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The Council is particularly concerned where weakened or damaged branches could subsequently fall on vehicles or pedestrians.”

During last night’s gale force conditions fallen trees caused the following roads to be blocked and Council staff and contractors were required to clear them:

Under Section 91 of the Roads (Scotland) Act 1984 the Council may serve notice on landowners requiring them to take action to remove hazardous or obstructive vegetation.  In extreme cases, where there is an imminent danger to the public the Council will take action and landowners will be liable for the cost.

For further information, members of the public requiring advice and guidance on this matter should contact the Council’s Service Centre on 01349 886601.

30 Jan 2013