Council advances payment to Linnhe Leisure

The Highland Council has agreed to advance sufficient funds to ensure that the Nevis Centre in Fort William, run by Linnhe Leisure, is able to continue in operation while its financial position is reviewed by turnaround company, KSA Group.
The Council, which is a major funder of the centre, has been given assurances by representatives of Linnhe Leisure that it is taking urgent and immediate actions to effectively tackle its serious financial position.
The Council has agreed funding of £180,000 in the current financial year towards the annual running costs, with payments scheduled in April and October of this year. 
To assist the company with cashflow issues, the Council agreed to pre-pay the April payment of £90,000, in two instalments.  These were fully paid by April of this year.  The next payment of £90,000 would normally have been due on 1 October 2013.
To further assist with cashflow issues, the Council has agreed today to provide Linnhe Leisure with the breathing space they need to keep the business running.
Councillor Alasdair Christie, Chair, Adult and Children’s Services who also chairs the sub-committee set up to consider the Nevis Centre issue, said: “We have received the assurances we were seeking at this time and have immediately advanced some of the funds from the October grant payment that will enable the business to continue in operation. This is a very welcome development for all concerned, given the important role that the Centre plays in the community.
“We will be meeting regularly with representatives of Linnhe Leisure to ensure that they continue to cut their costs and place the business on a firmer footing.”

26 Jul 2013