Recycling centre, Henderson Road, Inverness.

The Highland Council’s recycling centre at Henderson Road, Inverness, re-opened this morning (24 May 2013) after the site was closed at lunch time yesterday when a suspected explosive device was found.

Bomb disposal personnel arrived on site last night and confirmed the device was a replica hand grenade.

A member of the public found the object lying on the ground near a recycling bay and reported the find to recycling staff, who in turn alerted the police.

A decision was taken at lunch time yesterday to close the site as a precautionary measure until the object was inspected by the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD).

A spokesperson for Police Scotland - Highland and Islands Division said: “There was an appropriate response to ensure the safety of the public, staff at the plant and police officers, which included the attendance of EOD for assessment and disposal of the item.  On their attendance it was found not to be an explosive device.
"It would appear that this was a well-intentioned report and Police would encourage anyone who finds an item they suspect to be an explosive device, to contact 101."


24 May 2013