Highland Council signs up to Scotland’s Geodiversity Charter

The Highland Council has become a signatory of the Scottish Geodiversity Charter, agreeing to work towards a shared vision that Scotland’s geological heritage is recognised as an integral and vital part of our environment, economy, heritage and future sustainable development.

The Scottish Geodiversity Charter was created by the Scottish Geodiversity Forum, with observers and facilitation from the British Geological Survey, the Scottish Government and Scottish Natural Heritage. The Charter was launched by Stewart Stevenson MSP, the Minister for Environment and Climate Change last June.

The Charter sets out what needs to be done to achieve its vision and the following actions for local authorities signing it have been identified:

Councillor George Farlow said: “It is very fitting that we have signed this Charter in the Year of Natural Scotland as it sets out why geodiversity is important, and why we need to ensure that it is safeguarded for existing and future generations.

“Now The Highland Council is a member of the Charter we will be working together with our partners to raise  awareness of geodiversity and make sure  it is integrated in our policies and  decision making so we can deliver sustainable management of land and water. We will also be encouraging more agencies and organisations to sign up.”

“In the Highlands our geodiversity is world-class and we are very proud to have one of only two UNESCO recognised Scottish Georparks. This UNESCO accolade for our North West Geopark is based on the areas outstanding geological heritage and its successful use as a tourist attraction. The Charter now underpins our commitment to support not just the Geopark but geodiversity right across the Highlands.”

29 May 2013