ICArts roll out River Connections public art projects

The Highland Council’s Inverness City Arts Project is seeking artists to deliver four more exciting public arts projects, linked to the River Ness, complementing major flood prevention and streetscape works currently under way there.

ICArts has already awarded the opening commission, River Connections, which will be delivered by Moray visual artist Mary Bourne for the  River Connections which is the signature work of the overall project.

A further four commissions have now been extensively advertised on the Creative Scotland website for artists to deliver the four other River Connections including one which has a budget of £300,000.

The first is for the Trail project which has a deadline for responses at noon on Friday 6 December.

The other projects include The Gathering Place, Rest Spaces and the Sculptural Destination with deadlines for responses by noon on Friday 20 December.

ICArts Chairman, Councillor Ken Gowans is pleased with the progress being made in delivering the £750,000 River Ness public arts programme which will transform the banks of the River Ness.

He said: “River Connections is aimed at establishing the river Ness as a cultural destination using the unique opportunities that have arisen as a result of  streetscape works along the banks of the River Ness, complementing the works of the River Ness Flood Alleviation Project.  The public arts commissions afford a unique opportunity to begin to really develop Inverness as an important cultural destination that reflects a new self-confidence felt throughout the City of Inverness and the wider Highlands. I am confident the four new commissions will attract some of the best creative people  from the Scottish arts community. I feel it is important that there is close consultation with the public to ensure that the works will be appreciated by the locals as well as tourists and will enhance the economic vibrancy of the river area and Inverness in general.”

The adverts have been published on the Public Contracts Scotland website (www.publiccontractsscotland.gov.uk)

Any artist with an interest in the commissions is asked to contact Procurement.Unit1@highland.gov.uk.

29 Nov 2013