Tribute to talented Invergordon pupil killed in road accident

The Acting Head Teacher of the 430-pupil Invergordon Academy has paid tribute to a “popular and talented” Secondary 4 pupil who was killed in a road accident near her home on Wednesday night.

Hollie Mackay (15), from Kildary, died in Raigmore Hospital, Inverness, from injuries sustained in an accident on the A9 near her home in Kildary.

Acting Head Teacher, Ms Alison Drew described Hollie as a “very talented and able young girl.”  She was returning home at 5.30 pm after taking part in an after-school drama session.

Ms Drew said: “Hollie was a popular and thoughtful member of our close-knit school community. She was a talented musician, a keen skier and drama was one of her real passions. She was a key player in the Invergordon Youth Theatre and also attended drama activities at Eden Court. Hollie represented the school in plays, musical performances, sports and other events.  She had taken part in an after-school drama session immediately before the accident.  She was an outstanding pupil, who was popular with her friends and highly regarded by school staff. She will be greatly missed by all of us. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.”
Special assemblies were held this morning and rooms were set aside for pupils to receive counselling and support. Both staff and volunteers are available to support our young people at this very difficult time.

31 Oct 2013