Charleston Academy incident.

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Following an incident involving 5 pupils at Charleston Academy, Inverness yesterday (5 September) afternoon the school has reinforced the message to pupils and parents of the dangers of consuming unknown substances, such as legal highs.

This morning (6 September) extended registration classes were held throughout the whole school and an extended assembly was held for senior pupils to enable messages to be reinforced to all pupils about the dangers of consuming unknown substances.

This afternoon the Rector Chris O’Neill has written to all parents of the 786 pupil secondary school. In his letter he states:

“Following a substance-misuse related incident at lunchtime yesterday in the vicinity of the Charleston shops an extended registration or assembly was held for all pupils. The incident involved five pupils, whose parents have all been directly informed, who had obtained an unknown substance from someone in the community. Unfortunately two pupils ended up being taken to hospital, but they have since been discharged and are well.

“I would greatly appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that you work with us to support and advise pupils of the significant risks they pose to their own health and wellbeing should they become involved in similar actions. We have a thorough PSE programme which focuses on drug awareness and we will be enhancing it in respect of this incident.

“Meanwhile, because the substance was obtained within the community I have today reminded all pupils that they must remain in school and on the premises at all times. Our emphasis on each pupil wearing a visible logoed dress-code item or school tie is more pertinent than ever and I will continue to seek your cooperation to ensure all pupils comply with this. I have today also instructed pupils who buy their lunch or a snack at Charleston shops during the lunch break that they must no longer loiter or hang about there, but make their way directly back to school. I have discussed this with many S6 pupils this morning and they have reported to me that this is a step that they agree all pupils must now comply with.

“I would be happy to discuss these matters with you should you have any concerns or queries about the issues raised. Meantime I am extremely grateful for your support and cooperation with us to ensure that the incident yesterday does not re-occur.”

Anyone with information relating to this incident or other instances of the supply or consumption of novel psychoactive substances or any illegal drugs is encouraged to contact Police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

6 Sep 2013