Council Rangers lead on ‘tree top’ walk

Highland Council’s Countryside Rangers have organised a guided walk looking at the wildlife that live in the tree tops around Kiltarlity.

Suitable for both adults and children the walk takes place on Friday 7th July from 2pm to 4pm meeting at Kiltarlity shinty pitch.

Countryside Ranger Corinne Hambly said: “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live at the top of the tallest tree?  This guided walk will let you see what it’s like having your head in the clouds while keeping your feet planted firmly on the ground.

“There is a whole different world up there in the canopy that we know very little about.  I hope we can get in to the swing of things by doing some activities to help us to understand what it must be like living in the tree tops.  We might even meet some of the local inhabitants from the top floor of the woodland!

“We will explore the tree canopy by using different methods such as mirrors; ‘bug blankets’ and maybe play a few animal games.”

The Kiltarlity Tree Top walk is part of a programme of guided walks and events organised by Highland Council’s Countryside Rangers throughout the Highlands. Copies of the programmes can be found on the Council’s website at or by telephoning: 01463 724312.

The Highland Council Countryside Rangers are a partnership between The Highland Council and Scottish Natural Heritage with the aim of promoting public enjoyment and appreciation of the countryside and conserving wildlife.


30 Jun 2006