Seminar to explore fresh approach to Council Community Services.

Members of The Highland Council’s Community Services Committee have agreed that the Council will hold a public seminar to find out how the newly-formed Service can better engage with communities and community councils.

Chairman of the Community Services Committee, Councillor Graham MacKenzie welcomed the new Service structure for Community Services and a fresh, customer-focussed approach outlined by Community Services Director, William Gilfillan.

Councillor MacKenzie said: “Putting customers first in the delivery of Community Services is central to the Council’s commitment to improving engagement with the public. I am confident that the measures being put in place, including the public seminar will empower communities and help them to contribute to how the Council can best make use of the resources available in their areas.”

Mr Gilfillan said: “At a time of reducing resources we need to build and sustain confidence among our communities and adopt much more of a partnership approach.”

Mr Gilfillan added that a pilot project is already underway in the Council’s Aird and Loch Ness Ward to develop Community Actions Plans, and that he is establishing a small Community Council Focus Group.

A first meeting with Black Isle Community Councils is also being held this evening (15 May) to explore ways in which communities’ and residents’ time and resources can be used more efficiently when interacting with the Council’s Community Services.

The confirmed date, time and location of the future seminar on how Community Services can better engage with communities will be promoted through the council’s website, social media, local media and directly to community councils.


15 May 2014
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