Proposed Merger between Crown and Central Community Councils

The role of a Community Council is to act as a voice for the people living within its area.  They have a key role in licensing and planning applications but perform a wider representative role for a community.  

Central Community Council

Local Members have been concerned for some time at the lack of Community Council representation for the City Centre.  Despite repeated attempts to form a Community Council for the Central area, it has not been possible to do so.  

A number of options have been considered from enlarging Central Community Council to make it more viable to merging Central with another Community Council.

Proposed way forward

 Following consideration of the options, the proposed option is determined to be a merger with Crown Community Council ensuring Community Council representation for the centre of Inverness.  

Central Community Council’s largest border is shared with Crown and Crown already has close links with the City Centre and will currently comment on planning applications given that there is not existing representation.  Crown is a strong and stable Community Council which would provide effective representation for the Central area.

Crown Community Council is agreeable to a merger however prior to progressing; a period of consultation is considered appropriate to determine any concerns or challenges with the proposal.

Residents, Community Councils and businesses are therefore asked for their views and opinions on the proposed merger between Central and Crown Community Councils.  


The consultation will last for 3 months, from the 1 May to 31 July 2014.

How to respond

Responses to the consultation should be made in writing to:

Jimmy Flint, Ward Manager,
Town House,

21 May 2014
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