Council approves £600K for Care and Learning capital projects

Members of the Council’s Education, Adult and Children’s Services (ECAS) Committee have agreed to £600,000 funding towards two Care and Learning Service projects - a wireless installation project in Highland schools; and a housing development for adults with complex needs.

An additional £550,000 for the second phase of a project to create wireless environments in all Highland schools by April 2015 was endorsed by Members. The first phase of the project is anticipated to be completed by the end of May 2014 with wireless networks operational in 116 schools. 

The project is transforming learning and teaching in Highland schools as wireless networks can enable lessons to be held both indoors and outdoors using new portable devices and technology. 

A housing development in Conon Bridge will receive £100,000 from the Council’s Adult Services budget to help provide homes for 6 people with autism and complex needs who require supported living accommodation. 

Councillor Alasdair Christie, Chair of the Council’s ECAS Committee welcomed the support for the two projects, he said: “I am pleased that we can provide funding for these two projects as the wireless project in schools not only benefits the whole school community but it is especially helpful for pupils with additional needs.”

He added: “The Council anticipates that the housing project at Conon Bridge will provide homes in Highland for two people who are currently living out with the region on out of area placements. I am delighted that this will enable them to live closer to family and friends within Highland rather than having to receive supported living away from their home area.”

Also under consideration in the Council’s Care and Learning Service Capital Programme was - at the request of Nairn Ward Members – a proposal to declare surplus and dispose of the Old Stables building at Viewfield in Nairn. Members of the ECAS Committee agreed to the request which will include establishing whether there is any community interest in purchasing the property prior to a sale on the open market.

21 May 2014
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