Traffic flow through Nairn

Nairn Ward Members were given assurance this week by Transport Scotland that traffic flow through the centre of Nairn will be improved by the Trunk Road Authority.Councillors Laurie Fraser, Michael Green, Colin Macaulay, and Liz MacDonald discussed the issues of traffic flow through Nairn at one of their regular transport meetings with Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland (North East) officials held on Thursday (22 May) in Nairn.

Leader of the Nairn and Badenoch and Strathpsey Area Councillor Liz MacDonald welcomed the talks, she said: “This was a very productive meeting at which we got a very good update and received assurance that Transport Scotland and their contractors Bear Scotland NE are doing all that they can to improve the flow of traffic through Nairn.

“We were also informed that Transport Minister Keith Brown is aware of the traffic problems in Nairn and that the Trunk Road Authority is looking into the issues at Lochloy Junction and that they intend to carry out white-lining and re-assess the traffic lights at the junction. The Nairn members are very pleased with the reassurance that the white lining will be carried out in Transport Scotland’s summer programme.”

23 May 2014
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