Enforcement awareness day in Highland

Last Friday was designated as the Litter Day of Action in Highland so the Council’s Enforcement Officers stepped up enforcement patrols in Inverness and Dingwall with the aim of tackling the problem of littering, fly tipping and dog fouling.  

In Scotland there are an estimated 250 million visible items of litter each year, with one of the most common being cigarette ends.   Littering, flytipping and leaving dog foul on the ground are all criminal activities. In April of this year the Scottish Government raised Fixed Penalty Notices for littering from £50 to £80 and for fly tipping from £50 to £200.  

A total of 5 Fixed Penalty Notices for littering were issued by the Council’s Enforcement Officers in Inverness on Litter Day of Action.   Other enforcement activity across the region in the last week includes £200 Fixed Penalty Notices issued to two businesses in Wick and Aviemore for flytipping waste from their businesses, a Fixed Penalty Notice for littering in Thurso and a further 3 Fixed Penalty Notices issued in Fort William for littering.  

Councillor Graham MacKenzie, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Community Services committee said: “By taking part in the national Litter Day of Action event we are highlighting how serious the council is  to tackle the problem and improve the environment for everyone.  Our enforcement staff do a lot of work throughout the year in educating people and working with youngsters, but everyone has a part to play in keeping our public areas litter free. Now is a good time to remind everyone that littering is an offence.  It also costs the council a significant amount of money to clean up, money from the council tax that could be spent in local communities.”   

Anyone wishing to report an incident of fly tipping or who require more information should email The Highland Council at recycle@highland.gov.uk visit www.highland.gov.uk/recycle or call 01349 886603.

11 Jun 2014
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