Invitation for Highland communities to attend national WWI Centenary service


Highland communities are being invited to come and take part in a Scotland-wide event in Edinburgh Castle to gather together and remember the sacrifice made by those who endured the First World War.

Organised by the Scottish Commemorative Panel, the Drumhead Service will be held on the esplanade at Edinburgh Castle on the morning of Sunday 10 August

A Drumhead Service, a tradition which goes back centuries, is a church service conducted “in the field” during both armed conflict and peace time. It replicates services, often conducted on the front line, where neatly piled drums draped with appropriate colours create a makeshift altar. The senior Tri-Service Chaplains conducting this multi-faith service on Sunday 10 August will be supported by Military Pipes and Drums and bands drawn from across the UK and the Commonwealth and by selected choirs.

The event is the first of eight national events taking place over the next 5 years which will give the country the chance to reflect on the impact which the War had on people’s lives as well as recognising Scotland’s contribution to the War and its lasting social and civic legacy.

Convener of The Highland Council, Councillor Jimmy Gray said:  “This very poignant event opens the Scottish Commemorative Programme and is designed to reflect how the First World War affected all sections of society. We have a continuous reminder of the ultimate sacrifice people made when we see our war memorials in our towns, villages and some of the most remote Highland communities. This unique event is an opportunity to bring people together from all corners of the country to recognise contribution made during one of the most traumatic periods in this country’s history. So I encourage people of all ages to come and take part in what will be a very special and moving occasion.”

The event opens at 9am to allow the congregation to be seated.  Following the parade at 10am, the Drumhead Service will begin at 10.30am and will last for 30 minutes.  There will then follow a voluntary procession down the Royal Mile to Holyrood Park where there will be an opportunity to place personal or community markers at the Memorial.  The Memorial has been specifically designed to be a physical reminder of lives lost and represents the names recorded in the Rolls of Honour at the Scottish National War Memorial

Those interested can apply for free tickets by e-mailing their request to or contact their local councillor.  Tickets can be provided for individuals, families or groups and organisers are keen that a wide cross section of the community – from all ages and backgrounds – should be represented. 


17 Jun 2014
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