Service Point consultation begins on the Council budget blog

The fourth topic on the Council’s Budget Blog goes live on Thursday 19 June - how can we organise our customer service provision (Service Points) in the future?

The Council engages with customers in a variety of ways and is looking to improve the way customers can access Council services. The blog looks for suggestions on how the Council could reduce costs by delivering more services by telephone and on-line while ensuring that vulnerable groups can still access services.

The blog asks for public opinion on a network of ‘Community Hubs’, in the main towns across the Highlands and how the Council could work with other organisations to provide local access to Council services in a shared setting.

Highland Council is also looking for suggestions about what services could be delivered effectively online and how to support people who are inexperienced in using the internet.

Councillor Maxine Smith, the Budget Leader said: “We need to make sure we meet the changing needs of our customers and this may mean changing how we offer our customer services.

“I understand that this is an important topic for many people, especially in smaller communities. This is the public’s opportunity to engage in the discussion around service delivery in their local area.”

This is the first chance the public have to take part in a rolling consultation on Service Point provision. The Council needs to meet the changing needs of its customers, ensuring customers can access services at a time and place that suits their lifestyle.


18 Jun 2014
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