High Life Highland Libraries Best in Scotland

Issued by High Life Highland 

Results published for the last financial year have shown that High Life Highland libraries are the best performing service in the country in terms of the number of visits to libraries per 1000 of the population.  Libraries received an astonishing 2.15 million visits to take prime position in Scotland. 

Audit Scotland measure the number of people who visit public, school and mobile libraries in person as well as the number of electronic visits. A major factor in High Life Highland’s success has been online visits as people have discovered the joys of the excellent free e – books, e-audiobooks and their new online magazine service. The award-winning Am Baile heritage web site also continues to grow in popularity.

High Life Highland Libraries have recently developed a free Library app. The new app allows members to search for and request items, download online magazines, e-books, audiobooks and access a wide range of electronic information services. The full range of online library services can be accessed from the library website www.highlifehighland.com/libraries.

A number of exciting initiatives are in the pipeline that will further improve visitor numbers including a newly refurbished library in Thurso – scheduled to open in Easter 2015 and a new library as part of the Wick campus development.

High Life Highland Chair Laurence Young said: “We are delighted to be recognised as the best performing Library service in the country with over two million visits last year.  It is encouraging that this trend is continuing with numbers up again this year.”

Results for 2013/14 are not expected to be available for Scotland until September 2014, but the number of visits to High Life Highland libraries has already risen to 2.32 million.



20 Jun 2014
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