Gaelic to the fore for far North Schools

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The Sutherland and Caithness Provincial Mod takes place annually in different locations within the two Counties. The Provincial Mod Committee is led by Mr Graham Cameron. The Mod this year took place in Thurso and many pupils entered a number of the formal competitions which included accordion, whistle, bagpipes, chanter, music group and many of the competitors received excellent adjudication marks along with trophies and medals. 

Mount Pleasant Primary School’s P1 Gaelic Medium class entered the Mod for the first time, and they took part in the Action Song competition which provided fun entertainment to the whole audience.

Councillor Hamish Fraser Chair of The Highland Council’s Gaelic Implementation Group said: “I think it's fantastic that the Gaelic Medium class at Mount Pleasant Primary chose to enter the Provincial Mod.  He continued, “I believe the Mod plays a huge part in strengthening and developing the Gaelic community in the North area and hope that the young children continue to participate annually in the Mod and other cultural events in the area through-out their formative years and beyond.”


23 Jun 2014
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