Saving energy is child’s play in Fort William schools

Photo of energy saving workshop
Alan Parker (Pals Productions) does the Carbon Clever Rap with P4/5 pupils at Upper Achintore Primary School


Pupils at six Fort William primary schools are this week being visited by a touring Energy Saving Play production which aims to get the message across to young people to save energy, save money and save the planet.

The Highland Council and energy partners E.ON are working in the area to improve Highland homes. The play workshops at Upper Achintore Primary, Fort William Primary, Banavie Primary, Caol Primary, Fort William RC Primary, and Inverlochy Primary are part of the Council’s engagement with communities to commit to a Low Carbon Highlands by 2025.

Home owners in the Upper Achintore area are in one of four Highland Council Wards which are the first to be offered free energy saving measures in a £6.4 million project funded by the Scottish Government. They are having their properties assessed for free energy efficiency measures as part of the Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland – Area Based Scheme (HEEPS-ABS).

The scheme is mainly aimed at insulating hard-to-treat properties with primary measures being: cavity wall insulation or external wall insulation. 

The Home Energy Efficiency Programme for Scotland – Area Based Scheme is being administered and managed for the Scottish Government by The Highland Council and is contracted to E.ON.

The three-year programme will help to reduce the carbon footprint of the Highlands and the Council is proud to lend its support which is being boosted by £4.6 million from E.ON as part of the Energy Company Obligation.

The HEEP-ABS programme is in alignment with Highland Council’s recent long term commitment of achieving a Low Carbon Highlands by 2025 called Carbon CLEVER Highland.

The touring workshops are being delivered by Pals Productions on behalf of E.ON. The Fort William schools are engaging with actors and take part in drama activities, songs and games aimed at encouraging them to think about their carbon footprint. Each performance is ended with a scripted mini play called “The E-onators” which includes a Carbon Clever Rap is performed by the children to their school and parents.


24 Jun 2014
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