Ground breaking road recycling trials get underway in Sutherland

machine in action

Trials of a new method of repairing roads have got underway in Sutherland.  The technique, known as road recycling, involves re-using the existing road surface materials to create a new road surface, rather than importing large quantities of new materials.  In the first of a series of trials, The Highland Council’s road team have been carrying out recycling on the Cassley Bridge to Duchally Road near Rosehall.  Further trials are planned across the Highlands over the coming months.

The recycling trials are being funded from a Roads Innovation Fund set up by the Council in March this year.  The fund is also being used to fund trials of other innovative road repair methods.  Although road recycling has been carried out elsewhere in the country for a number of years, most of the techniques proposed as part of the recycling trials have not been used in the Highlands before.  The machine being used in Sutherland, known as the ‘Asphalt Zipper, has been imported from America and is the only machine of its type currently in the UK.

The Highland Council’s Community Services Committee Chairman, Graham Mackenzie said: “I am pleased to see trials of pioneering road repair techniques getting underway in the Highlands.  We are optimistic that these techniques will assist us in achieving budget savings targets in coming years.”


21 Jul 2014
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