Highland Council assures Lochaber on rigorous planning procedures for new £7 Million Gaelic School

Highland Council has moved to reassure local residents in Caol that an internal review of the new £7 million Gaelic school currently under construction in Lochaber, has confirmed that correct planning processes have been followed.

Chairman of The Highland Council’s Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee, Councillor Thomas Prag said: “I am completely satisfied that the local planning office has carried out all the correct and relevant processes with regard to the submission and assessment of the planning application for the new school, and in fact went over and above the minimum requirement for consultation as we encourage them to do with this kind of application.”

“The Council advertised the application and ran two consultation pre-application consultation sessions last May in the Caol Community Centre and Alexandra Hotel, where the 3D scale model of the school campus and plans were displayed. Responses received from the public following these events were all positive.

“The Lochaber Stakeholders Group, which has been meeting since 2012 to oversee the development of this campus, and have had numerous opportunities to comment on the details, approved the plans. The group comprises members of Comann nam Pàrant a’ Ghearasdain, Iomairt Gàidhlig Lochabair, parent council members from several Fort William schools and is chaired by former Councillor, Eddie Hunter.

“We are aware that a small number of concerns have since been raised by some local residents and I want to reassure them that we are listening and taking all views into consideration where we can.

“Having looked at the various options, and taking into account cost implications,  there are some planting measures which may be undertaken to reduce any perceived effect of shading.

“We will continue to work closely with the local Stakeholders Group throughout each stage of the build.”

Councillor Prag added:  “This £7 million standalone Gaelic school in Lochaber highlights the commitment the Council has to ensure pupils and staff have the best learning opportunities and facilities. The school will be a huge asset to both the local community and the wider area.”



13 Aug 2014
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