New Service structure and change to strategic committee names

As its moves from 7 to 5 Services, it welcomes:

  • Community Services, whose new Director is William Gilfillan, former Corporate Manager.  (Services include housing, road and winter maintenance, waste management, community works, cleaning, transport, environmental health emergency planning, harbours and street lighting).
  • Corporate Development, whose Director is Depute Chief Executive Michelle Morris. (Human resources, performance, legal and democratic services, ICT, customer services; health, safety and wellbeing, and corporate improvement projects) and 
  • Development and Infrastructure, whose Director is Stuart Black (planning, capital projects, housing development, design, energy management, economic development, Europe, asset management, trading standards).

Education Culture and Sport and Health and Social Care will be merging to become the Care and Learning Service.  Work is already under way to bring the two Services together. However, given the extent of merging two such large Services, it will be late Summer/Autumn before the Care and Learning is fully operational. The current Directors -Hugh Fraser, Education Culture and Sport and Bill Alexander, Health and Social Care - will work together during this time with one of them becoming Director Designate of Care and Learning by the end of April.

The Finance Service will remain under the leadership of Director, Derek Yule. The Chief Executive’s Service will be known as the Chief Executive’s Office, providing support to the leadership of the Council through the policy, public relations and the business manager’s teams. The Chief Executive is Steve Barron.

To reflect the new service structure, the names and roles and responsibilities of the Council’s 4 strategic committees will change.   From 1 April, the new committees will be called:

  • Community Services Committee
  • Education, Children and Adult Services 
  • Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee 
  • Resources Committee

They replace:

  • Adult and Children’s Services
  • Finance, Housing and Resources 
  • Planning, Environment and Development 
  • Transport, Environmental and Community Services


31 Mar 2014
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