A9 Portgower Mill bridge replacement works completed

The £1m bridge replacement project funded by Transport Scotland and supervised on-site by BEAR Scotland, has resolved the flooding issues that have caused concerns in recent years amongst the local community.

Minor off-road works to install otter fences for wildlife protection are currently being finalised and will be completed shortly.

A spokesman for Transport Scotland said: “We are pleased that the new Portgower Mill Bridge is complete and the new structure should allay the concerns of local people regarding flooding issues.

“I would like to thank them for the patience they have shown during the works and hope that they feel that the results make up for any inconvenience.”

Eddie Ross, BEAR Scotland’s representative for the North West Unit, said: “This new structure will help to resolve the flooding issues that have caused local people concerns in recent years, and we believe that the wider road surface and improved alignment will be of benefit to those using and living near this section of A9.

“This has been a complex set of works and we understand that the local community have experienced disruption during the construction of the new bridge.  We extend our thanks to the travelling public and local community for their support and patience throughout.”

To plan ahead and for up to date traffic management information refer to Traffic Scotland at www.trafficscotland.org.


24 Mar 2014
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