Successful Gairloch Gaelic Information and Fun Day

 The event was organised to support and encourage parents of children up to 5 years of age who are interested in placing their children in Gaelic Medium Education.

The day included interactive play activities led by Lisa Macdonald Gaelic Early Years Co-ordinator for the Area. Mairi Macdonald, Gaelic Medium Teacher at Gairloch Primary ran workshops through the medium of Gaelic for Primary School pupils which focussed on Arts, Crafts and Baking.

Shona Paterson from The Highland Council’s Gaelic Team provided information packs and leaflets which highlighted the benefits of bilingualism, plus a display of books, a guide to interactive resources and links to online parental support resources.

Head Teacher Margaret Young said: “The event was very well attended and parents and children really enjoyed the activities on offer. It was a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where parents and children could join in and learn at a comfortable pace. It stimulated discussion about the benefits of bilingualism as the children learned some basic Gaelic words and phrases.”

She added: “There was plenty of information on offer and it was very useful to have a Gaelic Medium parent present, to chat to those that wanted to find out more. It was clear that the local community was willing to support the event and valued the local Gaelic culture. We would like to thank everyone for coming along and for all the hard work the organisers put into the event. We hope to continue to offer fun days to further raise awareness within the community.”

Councillor Hamish Fraser, Chair of the Council’s Gaelic Implementation Group said: “These events are important elements of our efforts to increase numbers going into Gaelic education.  The benefits of bilingualism through Gaelic for children are now well documented and established, and it is important that we provide encouragement and support for parents who wish to choose the Gaelic education route.  Even if parents have no Gaelic themselves, support networks and resources are widely available.”

Local Councillor Audrey Sinclair said: “Historically Gairloch is an area rich in Gaelic and culture, I am pleased that the event was well attended by local families and that it was an enjoyable and informative event for everyone who attended”. She added, “Gaelic Information Days provide opportunities for parents to see a selection of the resources which are available and how they are used by play leaders and teachers, these events are key actions within the Councils Gaelic Language Plan.”

For further information please contact Shona Paterson, Highland Council Gaelic Team on 01478 614058 or

20 Mar 2014
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