Council agrees plans to review customer services

The Council has agreed to spend £68,500 from the Strategic Change and Development Fund to enhance the Council’s web site so that the public can conduct more transactions online and the Service Centre, which handles phone queries from customers.  This is to recognise the growing trend of customer contact by telephone and online.

It also agreed that for 15 months a cross-group Customer Services Board of 10 Members be established with delegated powers to:

  • Undertake a rolling consultation of members, staff, partner agencies, and the public on the future of the Service Point network;
  • Consider customer service provision in each of the 23 communities with a Service Point not designated a Community Hub; and
  • Agree a future service delivery model in each such community.

Finally, the Council agreed that a report be submitted to a future meeting of the Resources Committee (formerly Finance Housing and Resources) on achieving the saving of £355,220, should the decisions of the Board leave the saving unmet.

Council Leader Drew Hendry said: “This plan clearly sets out how we are going to go about our review over the next 15 months.  We will be consulting in each local community to find a solution that meets the needs of local people.  The measures respond to the representations we have been receiving from the public, allowing us to go forward in a positive way.”

Depute Leader Councillor David Alston said: “Our aim is to allow members of the public to contact the Council in a way and at a time which suits them best: by phone, online, walk in face-to-face in some places, and face-to-face by appointment in others. We have already agreed a clear direction of travel, both in this Council and under the previous Administration. Our proposals will put in place additional safeguards to make sure that we get the right solution for every community.”

Convener Jimmy Gray said: “Our proposals allow us in the short-term to improve our web site and enhance the service we provide at the Service Centre while at the same time giving us time to consult with local people on a community by community basis.”


13 Mar 2014
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