Council to adopt new approach to Customer Services review

 At its meeting on Thursday 13 March, Council Leader Drew Hendry will propose that over the next 15 months the Council gives communities a direct input into the process through a rolling consultation. A cross-party working group will be established to consider the future of each Service Point on a location-by-location basis.

Councillor Drew Hendry, Council Leader, said: “We have spoken with community councils and local groups and it is clear that the benefits of the changes could have been communicated better. I believe the review will not only achieve its savings target but will create a more sustainable network and a better service for customers.

“There are concerns that communities have not been able to feed into the process and have not been given the chance to see how the changes will work out. They need to have confidence that the 21st century solution we are proposing is suitable and effective for their communities. We are listening and will provide a mechanism built into the review to ensure local involvement.”

Councillor Dave Fallows, Chairman of the Finance, Housing and Resources Committee, added: “The Customer Service Review is intended to create services which are fit for purpose and we recognise that some communities haven’t felt included. It is essential that, where communities have concerns, they are able to work with the Council to overcome those concerns. The mechanism we are proposing for the review will make that happen.”

The Council has also reiterated its three pledges:

  • that there will be no compulsory redundancies;
  • that there will be no change to local services until the alternative provision is in place; and 
  • that every resident who wants or needs a face-to-face appointment will have one.


6 Mar 2014
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