Council consult on first Green transport strategy

The deadline for responses is 30 April.  Comments should be emailed or handed in to any Council office.

This document represents the Council’s first Green Transport Strategy (GTS), although the policies and objectives have been developed over a number of years. A workshop and stakeholder consultation exercise has helped to refine these policies and objectives, and complement those contained in the Council’s existing Local Transport Strategy (LTS), Local Development Plans (LDPs), and the Carbon CLEVER initiative.

The Green transport strategy will outline the Council’s aims and policies for growth in sustainable transport which will contribute to the Government’s emission targets by providing alternatives to existing motorised single occupancy car trips. The GTS will also examine the potential schemes and infrastructure requirements to achieve the aims contained within this document.

Councillor Graham Phillips, Chairman Transport, Environmental & Community Services Committee, said: “Our first green transport strategy has been prepared with the assistance of many partners, and can only be delivered with their participation, so we are grateful for their continuing collaboration.

“Highland’s rural and urban communities have strikingly different needs, and the strategy recognises that different solutions are required. We attach equal importance to each. Many themes emerge and we will develop each at the best practical speed, reviewing progress as we go. Where services can be delivered locally with smart technology, instead of requiring people to travel long distances, we will encourage that too.

“Tests of the strategy’s success will be: whether it delivers comprehensive transport options Highland-wide; the extent to which people opt to use them instead of their cars; and for shorter journeys, the extent to which people choose to walk or cycle. We will report on progress annually.

“This is the start of a journey, not a one-off plan. Circumstances may change over time, so we will consult annually on whether objectives remain the same, and revise the strategy if circumstances require it.”


5 Mar 2014
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