Economic growth and house building boosts Inverness City Area population

Figures revealed in a report to the City of Inverness Area Committee by The Highland Council’s Planning and Development Service have shown that the population of the Inverness City Area has grown by 17.8% compared to the Highland average of 11.1%.

Leader of the City of Inverness Area, Councillor Ian Brown welcomed the report on the 2011 Census figures for Inverness area, he said: “This is good news that the population growth is reflecting the economic well-being and expansion of the City of Inverness Area. A healthy economic Capital of the Highlands will not only benefit local residents and businesses but it helps to support and boost the wider economy of the Highlands.

Cameron Thomas, Highland Council’s Research Officer explained some of the report highlights: “The city area shares some features of an ageing population with the rest of Highland, but the workforce is younger than the Highland average and we have more people in some key younger working age groups than the Scotland average. The figures show that the city area has a comparatively young work force that should prove attractive to companies looking to relocate.

Analysis of population figures by council Ward area showed that Inverness South Ward had the highest level of population growth (115%) which more than doubled. This growth was seen in the major housing expansion areas of Slackbuie, Inshes, Milton of Leys and Westhill.

Population growth for other council Wards was Aird and Loch Ness (22%), Inverness Central (10%) which was close to the Highland average; Inverness Ness-side at 5%; and Inverness West grew by 2%. In the Inverness Millburn Ward with only 40 new houses built in the decade saw a marginal population decline of -1% and in Culloden and Ardersier the population of the Ward fell by -0.3%.


4 Mar 2014