Commitments confirmed for Inverness Carbon CLEVER City vision

At Inverness Town House today (4 March 2014) members agreed a vision statement of what a carbon neutral Inverness would look like. The statement says:  

“By 2025 Inverness is a city where residents and visitors can move around the city easily by bicycle, on foot and public transport. The city is attractive, well designed and sociable. Buildings in the city have been energy renovated, and new buildings are energy efficient. Energy will be generated from a range of renewable sources in the city, and excess energy can be transmitted to surrounding areas through a smart regional grid. Land and resources in the city are utilised for optimal economic, social, and environmental gains. Communities across the city are engaged, are highly active, and empowered.”

Members also approved applications totalling £10,000 to the Inverness Common Good Fund including:

  • £5,000 towards the Carbon CLEVER Cycles Scheme (a pilot electric bicycle hire scheme in Inverness); and
  • £5,000 sponsorship towards the Etape Loch Ness (a 67 mile closed road cycling challenge around Loch Ness) adding to the £10,000 approved by Finance Housing and Resources Committee last week.

Two prospective Carbon CLEVER projects for Inverness were also welcomed by members including:

  • Investigating the setting up of an Inverness Car Club to reduce car ownership and mileage. Vehicles would typically have small modern engine specifications and have very low associated carbon emissions.
  • The creation of an Integrated Transport Hub which links up and simplifies transport into and around Inverness. Acting as central point, the hub could link sustainable and active transport choices.

Leader of the City of Inverness Area Committee Councillor Ian Brown said: “The transition of Inverness to a Carbon CLEVER City will bring a number of exciting opportunities for the city. As guardians of the Inverness Common Good Fund it is important that we fully note the potential strategic role of the Inverness Common Good Fund and the opportunities for the fund and Carbon CLEVER to work together to bring future environmental and financial benefits to the city.

“I look forward to seeing future reports coming to the City of Inverness Area Committee for proposals such as a scoping exercise for the creation of renewable energy generation on the Longman former waste site.”


4 Mar 2014
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