City safety improved with new CCTV camera on Castle

Operated in partnership between The Highland Council and Police Scotland the Inverness CCTV system supports the prevention and detection of crime and apprehension and prosecution of offenders; enhances community safety; and assists the local authority and Police with traffic management, civil proceedings and emergency planning operations.

Police reviews of nearly 500 occasions recorded on CCTV footage in 2012/13 saw 46% positive outcomes of all the reviews carried out where the person sought of incident investigated was identified.

Leader of the City of Inverness Area, Councillor Ian Brown welcomed the addition to the city’s complement of CCTV cameras, he said: “We must not forget that Inverness is one of the safest cities to live in the UK. The use of CCTV is beneficial to the ongoing improvement of community safety in the City centre and is supported and used by the Council and Police.”

A visit to Burnett Road Police Station in Inverness for a viewing and briefing on the City CCTV control room will be organised for council members at a future date.

4 Mar 2014
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