Phase 2 – Kessock Bridge improvements update

The works represent an investment of £13.2m from Transport Scotland. Week four of the twenty week programme continues to see contra-flow on the northbound carriageway as well as a reduced speed limit of 30mph.

What has been done during Week 3?
• Removal of the movement joints at the north and south abutments has been completed.
• Further preparation for the installation of the new joints with hydro-demolition - a technique using high pressure water jets to break up concrete.
• The removal of the bridge waterproofing and preparation of the steel bridge deck is ongoing.
• Removal of the steel plates for the old safety barrier is ongoing and installation of steel base plates for the new barrier is underway.
• The erection of scaffolding at the east side of the bridge for the cable stressing has started.
• Testing of the steel deck started using MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection) techniques. This is a non-destructive testing technique used to identify defects or cracks on the surface of the steel bridge deck.

Works planned for the week ahead:
• Works will continue to remove the existing waterproofing on the bridge deck.
• Works continue on the erection of access scaffolding for the cable stressing on the east side of the bridge.
• Works will continue in preparation for the installation of the new movement joints.
• Works will continue to remove the existing barrier from the footway and installation of the new barrier.
• Works will start on the modification of the existing bridge parapets, to make them cycleway compliant.

Traffic Management and Diversions:
• The southbound carriageway and footpath/cycleway are closed.
• A contra-flow system is in operation on the northbound carriageway.
• Pedestrian and cyclist diversions are in place on the northbound footpath/cycleway.

Calum Galloway, BEAR Scotland’s Bridges Manager for the North West Unit, said:

“Works on the Kessock Bridge are progressing well and we thank members of the public for their continued patience and for avoiding using the bridge, especially during peak times.

“It has, however, been brought to our attention by motorists queuing on the A9 in the evening that some road users are choosing to use the left hand lane on approach to Longman Roundabout in a bid to avoid the queues. This is causing some frustration and we are urging motorists to drive responsibly, to obey the signs and road markings, and to only use this lane when heading for Inverness City Centre and not Kessock Bridge.

“As always, if those travelling are able to choose other methods of transport in order to reduce traffic on the bridge during these improvement works then we would urge them to do so.”

Motorists driving in and around Inverness can access up to the minute journey time information at Further journey planning information is also available on Twitter and via the Travelline Scotland/Transport Scotland travel app.

3 Mar 2014
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