River Ness Flood Alleviation Scheme (Phase 2 - Tidal Section)

The council has confirmed the award of the £9.3 million contract to McLaughlin and Harvey Ltd, the company that recently built the new ferry terminal extension at Sconser, Skye.

Residents and businesses affected by the Phase 2 works have received a letter advising them of the impending works which will take place on both sides of the river between Friars Bridge and the mouth of the river near the harbour. 

The scheme will raise the existing flood defences along both banks of the river in the form of low walls and embankments. To enable construction of the flood scheme, temporary ‘Traffic Orders’ will come into force on streets affected by the works.

The works will be carried out at the same time as works on the first phase of flood alleviation between Ness Bridge and Friars Bridge. Every effort will be made to minimise traffic disruption.

Before the works start, a public exhibition is being held at the Trinity Church, Gilbert Street between noon and 6.30pm on Wednesday 26 March.  The contractor and members of The Highland Council project team will be present to discuss the plans for the work and the temporary traffic orders required to allow the works to proceed.

The flood team can be contacted by email at RiverNessFAS@highland.gov.uk or Tel: 07557 744442


3 Mar 2014
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